1. jaypeecee

    A New Optimum Dissolved CO2 Concentration?

    Hi Folks, It would appear that JBL have decided on a new optimum CO2 level in users' tanks. Instead of the 30 mg/l figure, which has been 'the norm' for a good many years, JBL seem to be rolling out their latest drop checker (DC) test sets with a new optimum of 20 mg/l. See below...
  2. Carbondioxide

    January sales 20% off everything

    If your looking at changing your diffuser or starting a new aquascape in the new year, visit our website and take advantage of our January sale. discounts available across our entire range of products until the 5th January.
  3. oscarlloydjohn

    Recharging purigen question

    Just tried to recharge my bag of purigen for the first time, left it in half bleach half water for 36 hours. Should the purigen become white again? I haven't seen much of a colour change since I put it in there even though I have been stirring it occasionally. Cheers Oscar
  4. plantman123

    I Stopped BBA without any chemicals or water change

    Been battling it for a month. Using toothbrush to scrape it off plants. The worst part was the sponge filter it loves porus materials. I didn't think it would work or in fact would make it worse.. but thought I would try it as a last resort option. I completely shut off the co2 and after a...
  5. Crazy_Walrus

    CO2 regulator

    Hi I'm looking for a CO2 set up for my 140L tank. I'm currently looking at regulators and they seem to be the most pricey bit. Anyone recommend any that are sub £100? I don't have a Huge budget but want to give my plants the CO2 they deserve.
  6. jaypeecee

    How Much CO2 Do Fish Produce?

    Hi Everyone, OK, I realize that my question is not easy to answer and I'm not looking for a definitive reply. But, does anyone have any idea how much CO2 fish produce - either by excretion from the gills, urine or faeces? Indeed, which of these three would account for most of the CO2 produced...
  7. jaypeecee

    Using CO2 Efficiently

    Hi Folks, I would like to improve the efficiency of my CO2 usage. I have two related areas of concern: 1 Solubility of CO2 into the tank water I use an internal ceramic atomizer (Bazooka) that produces a very fine mist of CO2 but, despite this, the microbubbles don't completely dissolve. I...
  8. Aqua Hero

    2% glutaraldehyde solution

    how do i make a 2% solution of 50% glutaraldehyde. and how much do i dose
  9. gary lee

    fluval edge carbon satchet

    Does the carbon satchet in the fluval edge media neutralise any plant ferts used?
  10. M

    What form of carbon do water plants use?

    Does anyone know for sure what form of carbon do water plants use? Some sources say that water plants are able to use aqueous form of CO2, but what exactly does this mean? Other sources say that water plants use carbon in the form of H2CO3. Thanks in advance for your answers!