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  1. Kalum

    Baby steps - (Caridina shrimp tanks)

    Thought it was a fitting journal title since this is me getting back into setting up a couple of small tanks since moving home and more importantly welcoming our new son into the world (who is now 3 months old). This will just be a bit of a fun Caridina (possibly taiwan bee) breeding project...
  2. Kalum

    ADA Amazonia variations...

    The confusing world of ADA substrates... ADA have never been the clearest with their marketing, and now there are old/new and different varieties i'm just trying to get my head round what is what. After searching the ADA journals, youtube, google and many other reviews i'm finding a bit of...
  3. B

    Caridina shrimp in scape with seiryu

    Hi all. So I've recently created this scape just over 2 weeks ago. The stone is 16kg of dark seiryu stone which I'm aware alters the hardness of the water. Just using normal tap water currently while it's cycling. Post waterchange the tds from the tap is 140ppm. After 2 days the tds has gone up...
  4. Arana

    Caridina Dreaming - Shrimpy Update

    And so it begins again... After another visit to @Aquarium Gardens today i have purchased a new AG 45cm that will become first and foremost a scape but also a dedicated Caridina tank. I think i have everything i need to start, minus the plants, so i will start to work on the hard scape this...