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carpet plant

  1. Ömer Karaahmet

    Help please..!

    Hello everyone, I set up a nano aquarium with the dry strat method, but then I planned a 3-week vacation. After thoroughly moistening the aquarium and covering it with a transparent film, will I see a wonderful carpet after my holiday? Or do I see a tank ruined because it's not air and...
  2. Nathanh2150


    Hi All, I have had elecharis acicularis mini in my aquarium now for the past 5-6 months and noticed it’s not been colouring up it’s sending out baby runners and spreading around the tank but it’s just not as vivid as I was hoping it was going to be it’s more brown green. Once a week I have...
  3. Nathanh2150


    Hi all, I recently added (eleocharis acicularis mini) into my aquarium at the time there was no root structure to the stems. I planted into the substrate and since planted it’s been about a month now and there showing signs of roots forming but at the time of planting they where a nice vivid...
  4. Nathanh2150

    What’s happening to my newly added Monte Carlo

    Hi all, I added new Monte Carlo into my new tank set up on Friday 25th Dec as that’s when I started the big project of getting the tank all ready and planted the first 7 days I I did a 50% water change I’m adding co2 into the aquarium also adding tropica plant food every morning tempture of the...
  5. Aqua Hero

    Emersed Marsilea cremata and hirsita

    I bought these to plants and I was informed that crenata grows smaller than hirsita but from the packs I got it's the opposite. You think the person made a mistake and put them in the wrong bags or is this just normal?
  6. Glenda Steel

    Advice on plant care please

    I would like some help if I may please? I am planning on rescaping our 46L Fluval Edge (the tall one) and absolutely love this aquascape by Oliver Knott. I would still consider myself a beginner as I set our first aquarium up 4 years ago and it has been a very steep learning curve. I would...
  7. Aqua Hero

    Critique my hardscape Need some advice/opinions on hardscape

    Hello Aquascapers, I have come back from a long retirement from this hobby and decided to rescape my dull tank. My current idea for the scape: -use a mix of weeping moss and spiky moss on the lava rocks - use flame moss for the rear of the tank - have a mix of monte carlo and DHG in the front...
  8. Zak Rafik

    Seeds for Carpeting plants - Myth or Real?

    Hi Everyone, :) Came across this informative article that sheds some light on seeds for growing carper plants that are popular on many online shops. This article was posted on High-Tech Planted Tanks ( Facebook group) by Dennis Wong. Since its a closed group, I thought of posting the article...
  9. E

    Help! plant deficiency or toxicity ? ( new pics)

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside and lighter in the middle , as the...
  10. E

    help needed mont carlo deficiency?

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside or darker and lighter in the middle ...
  11. Shinobi

    ADA 60p "Reach Out"

    Hey guys! been lurking for a while now, thought it'd be my turn to take on an high-tech aquascape and would appreciate your comments and inputs as it goes along. Please excuse my bad English /: what we have so far: ADA 60p. JBL 901 Cristalprofi filter. inline Hydor 200w heater. Chihiros A-series...
  12. AKD594

    Low tech carpeting - Marsilea hirsuta vs Hydrocotyle tripartita

    Hi All Just wanted some advice regarding Marsilea hirsuta vs Hydrocotyle tripartita for a low tech carpeting plant. Looking to create a low tech tank with aqua gro nutrasoil substrate, 1.6 w/gal light and daily dosing of liquid carbon. Are either of these a realistic choice for this type of...
  13. Mark Nichols

    My first real attempt at planting aquarium

    Hi all - I've been working on my aquarium for the past year now and have now decided that I would like a carpeting plant to bring more of a natural/jungle scene to the tank. I've used UKAPs as a point of reference during this time and have finally decided to invest my time speaking with other...
  14. CalebWM

    Choosing a carpet plant

    Hi guys, Need some help choosing a plant for a small carpet in my 30cm cube, this is my first planted tank so I want a relatively easy carpet plant, some tank info: 30cm cube Dosing Tropica Specialized Fertilizer Using pressurized CO2 3 watt LED lighting Tropica plant substrate I like the look...
  15. astroman

    Hardy carpet plant advice

    Hi all. I am looking for advice on the best hardy carpet plant for my Juwel Trigon 190. The reason I want a hardy and fast growing plant is due to the 6 inch Plec and the Silver dollar which also live in the tank. I have had many failures in the past with plants like Pogostemon Helferi - partly...