carpet plants

  1. G

    50litre Planted Dragon Stone Aquarium

    Hello, I'm still a newbie so I have a lot a questions and appreciate a lot your help. I haven't started because i want to know everything I need to know before, i had a 200litre tank in Portugal where I did water changes with tap water but the water was so diferent. My idea is to do a planted...
  2. AquamaniacUK

    The old forest

    Hi Time to share another assembly. This will be my last assembly made in England. Tank : Clearseal 40x 30x 30 cm aprox. 36 litres Filtration : Dennerle scapers flow Lighting: Chihiros Aquasky 451 (Initially 6 hours, currently 7 hours day) Heating : Fluval mirrored M 200 watts Co2 ...
  3. Zak Rafik

    Seeds for Carpeting plants - Myth or Real?

    Hi Everyone, :) Came across this informative article that sheds some light on seeds for growing carper plants that are popular on many online shops. This article was posted on High-Tech Planted Tanks ( Facebook group) by Dennis Wong. Since its a closed group, I thought of posting the article...
  4. Kyle Lambert

    carpet options with corys

    So ive tried HC and my corys think its a lovely soft cushion for them to sit on and destroy so i need some help with my carpet regarding something hardy, attractive and easy to grow. The corys do have a nice big open section at the front of the tank with plenty of places to hide and plenty of...