carpeting plant

  1. Zak Rafik

    Seeds for Carpeting plants - Myth or Real?

    Hi Everyone, :) Came across this informative article that sheds some light on seeds for growing carper plants that are popular on many online shops. This article was posted on High-Tech Planted Tanks ( Facebook group) by Dennis Wong. Since its a closed group, I thought of posting the article...
  2. Kyle Lambert

    Questions from a newbie.

    So i started a tank 6 weeks ago. Its a 60l which is a little overstocked but i keep up with my water changes regularly and everything seems to be going well so far with an oversized HOB filter (not my ideal filter but it suits my needs and available space). I have 3 cherry shrimps, 4 assasin...
  3. Reidy

    Favourite carpet?

    Hi just wondering what peoples favourite carpeting plant is and why?