1. H

    Advice on using old roofing slate

    Hi, I live on a farm and have a large amount of old roofing slate (Ballachulish variety) and saw another member had constructed a great aquascape feature using slate. Are there any "dangers" with respect to minerals leaching into the water or anything I should particularly consider before...
  2. Kezzab

    UK cave minnows

    Interesting find yesterday above Rydal Water. Minnows in a cave.
  3. Mikeba

    Mighty Cave - ADA 60P

    Hi everyone, So it's time for a new scape. Broke down my previous one and the aquarium is looking too empty for my liking :happy: The setup: Tank: ADA 60P (60x30x36cm) Light: ADA Aquasky 601 Filter: 1x JBL 901e greenline Other Equipment: Inline atomic CO2 diffusor Chihiros Doctor Lily...
  4. scapegoat

    'Maya Cenote' 250l jungle

    Hi guys I've finally got it together to start my first journal, this is my second planted tank and my first large one so please go easy ;) Now the idea of this tank is to make a thick jungle surrounding a cave system with inspiration taken from the cenotes of Central and South America...