ceramic diffuser

  1. R

    Gas escaping between hose and diffuser

    I just bought an aquario diffiser. Despite all efforts it continues to leak between where the hose meets the diffuser. I have tried pushing the tubing as far down as possible over the nipple of the diffuser... does nothing. In all their pics and videos the tubing is roughly .5cm over the inlet...
  2. Carbondioxide

    Are you in, or our?

    What is your preferred method of diffusing CO2 in your aquarium?
  3. Antoni

    Fluval co2 ceramic diffuser, Up aqua atomizer and solenoids

    HI all, probably has been discussed before, but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I have bought the Fluval ceramic co2 diffuser few months back and installed it on my nano tank. It has been working great and I thought is a great piece of kit, until I decided to use one on my 60 cm...