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cherry shrimp

  1. Gill

    Koopas Kingdom

    So I Set the tartarium up and scaped it etc. And once done, I had a change of heart and decided to get some Musk Turtles instead. I will set up the BW/SW tank another day. Tank: Ciano Tartarium 40 - Did not use the Dock, just the white bracket to rest the light unit on. Lighting: Fluval 2...
  2. Dazbaird13

    Please can someone help, my shrimp are slowly dying on me!.

    Hi there, I’m urgently requesting some help. I’m still new to aquariums & fish, so forgive me if I’m getting some things mixed up. For around the last month, my shrimp have been slowly dying on me. It’s not just the one breed of shrimp, it’s them all such as XL Amano, Cherry , Yellow shrimp &...
  3. M

    Pygmy rasbora in bright aquascape

    I recently set up a bright aquascape 50 l nature scape - I don't have the best light - a cheap LED. Planted with dwarf hairgrass, rotala and a huge number of plants and mosses. I added 10 cherry shrimps and 15 pygmy rasbora. I run C02 at 1 bubble every 5 seconds. My shrimps are super happy but...
  4. bettaguy

    These snail eyes make me laugh

    They look so strange I love it
  5. bettaguy

    My favourite shrimp are simple cherry shrimp!

    My all time favourite shrimp is the simple cherry shrimp!
  6. Hanuman

    Shrimp reunion

    Shrimps of all ages and all varieties decided to reunite in the sand patch. Except for the Caridina multidentata who as always don't like showing their faces. Happy I was: Neocaridina davidi (cherry) Neocaridina davidi (blue velvet) Caridina gracilirostris
  7. C

    Cherry shrimp in South Essex

    Hi! I'm hoping to get some cherry shrimp around 20-40. If anyone has any for sale in the south of Essex area, please let me know. Thank you.
  8. Adrian Parsons

    Hello hello

    Hello, Have just created a shrimp only tank after a number of deaths via Glo light Tetras !!! Hoping they will finally breed ! (Everyone says it is so easy)have only bred once in nearly 8/9 months!!! Any advice on anubias bonsai much appreciated, will be picking some up at the weekend! Also...
  9. Jimbo1981

    Anyone Want Some Free Cherry Shrimp?

    Hi All, My cherry shrimp seem to bread like rabbits, i've already given away several batches to friends and family, but the numbers are building up again. Thought i would see if anyone on here in the Middlesex area would like some? No charge, just need to arrange a suitable time to come and...
  10. AshleyAttwood

    Can People Help Me With Free Plants And Moss Cuttings.

    Hey Good evening people, I am looking for kind people to help me out with free (plants/moss/cherry shrimp) any specimens would be great, i am not looking for a lot just a a little bit to get me going. I had a tank but i was out for the week and got back and the tank empty out onto my floor and...
  11. owenprescott

    SCAPE - Short Film

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share a short film/video that I created last night. I am really pleased with how the video turned out, it was a very spur of the moment creation. My setup is a small ~15ltr tank sitting on a window seel, non-Co2, my light does not even fit length ways and the water pump...
  12. Richard Dowling

    Banff Mountain Springs

    Hi All, Im Finally here! Ready start my first journal of what should be my first ever respectable effort at an Aquascape. I made my decision of which tank to buy after seeing Ed Gercog’s tank at Aquatics Live. I swiftly went with a TMC Signature 60x45x30. With Lighting I took Inspiration...
  13. Kyle Lambert

    What has eaten my cherries?

    So in my tank i had 4 cherry shrimps (one i thought was a crystal but his colour came in) and 1 blue rilli (a stowaway on so cabomba i had bought). In the tank i also have 4 assasin snails, 10 neon tetras, 3 panda corys and 3 dwarf otos. The other morning i saw the tail of one of my cherries...
  14. Nathaniel Whiteside

    >>Cabinet FINALLY together :)<< 'In my Dreams, I see Palettes of Green'

    Hey Guys, this is my first journal, and so is a big step for me, Into the world of Constant updates :P I've taken some inspiration, and looked at some peoples advice on here closely - thanks! So here we go. My aim is to create a rock based setup, using Ryuoh (sick of typing 'you' then having...