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chihiros rgb

  1. C

    60x40x40 90l first attempt at an aquascape

    Hi guys I'm a new member here. attempting my first aquascape and my first planted tank. currently waiting on my c02 diffuser and lily pipes Equipment: Tank: APS ultra clear 60cm 90l Filter: Aquael UltraMax 2000 Lights: Chihiro's RGB A series 45 watt Hardscape: red moor wood and Dark Mini...
  2. mooncake

    Chihiros Aquasky / A Series / RGB

    Hello all. Could anyone who has had experience with two or more of the Chihiros LEDs share their opinion about how different each of the different types actually is, when viewed in person? I have an ADA 45H and I'm struggling to make a decision about which one to go for. I'm debating whether to...