1. Zak Rafik

    DIY Chiller stand build :-)

    Hi everyone:) Just wanted share a DIY project I had finished recently for my planted tank chiller. This is a Teco TR15 chiller which had served me very well for the past one year plus. It was very efficient when chilling my 31c (88F) tap water to the desirable 24c (75F). Since I had about 50+...
  2. Vivian Andrew

    Need Help with Hailea chiller pump flow

    Hi All, I bought hailea 150A chiller according to data sheet they told to use 200-1200L/h pump max but i got 2 canister one is eheim 2215 which is 600L/H water flow but actual it will be 400 to 500 because of filter media and co2 reactor attached to it and another one is sunsun 304 which is...