1. nduli

    Jumping chocos :(

    need some help guys I have an issue with jumping chocos. I've lost 3 to the floor in the last week :(. I put a piece of glass across the offending end today and Ones jumped out the other end. It's a heavily planted tank with floaters covering the entire surface and the tank is semi dark water...
  2. nduli

    chocoloate gourami and highgrade CRS

    my xmas project is to sort my kitchen tank out and get some chocos (Sphaerichthys osphromenoides) . As the current tank in the kitchen hosts 40-50 high grade CRS/CBS / taiwan bee and given the chocos need 26/27c has anyone successfully kept the 2 together and bred both in the same tank? It will...
  3. andyh

    Andyh's "Twisted Wood" UPDATED 10May14

    Hello Been a bit slow starting the journal, as i have had a lot on with work, but here we go again: Aquarium - ADA 60P Cube Garden 60Wx36Tx30D, now with ADA cover glass. Lights – Suspended Arcadia Luminaire 4 x 24w T5, currently running 2 tube for 7hrs per day. 2 x Osram Skywhite 8000k...