christmas moss

  1. Kalum

    DIY Christmas Moss wall

    Simple christmas moss wall 210mm x 100mm using 2 sheets of different aperture stainless steel mesh (316 preferred but 304 is fine), I used suction cups cut through the mesh so I can remove to flip 180deg as no doubt the top will grow quicker as it's closer to the light and also clean/rinse Bend...
  2. Aqua Essentials

    Easy Grow Vesicularia montagnei (Christmas Moss)

    now available at £4.99
  3. Jaap

    Natural Aquarium attempt - 16/06/2015 (pics)

    Hello, Day 1! After many efforts of finding plants in this country, I have finally gotten my hands on some and here is the aquascape that I managed. Tank Size: 40L Substrate: JBL Manado Fertilization: EI Light (still coming): TMC GroBeam 600 with controller Plants: Eleocharis Parvula, Java...
  4. Aqua Essentials

    Get into the festive season...

    With Christmas Moss on bogwood - grown by Tropica these pieces are fantastic looking and on sale for a limited time
  5. Aqua Essentials

    This offer won't last long

    Tropica Christmas Moss on Wood - normal price £12.99 The price for the next 7 days £8.99
  6. Bufo Bill

    Hear me brag, then give me advice (please)!

    Hi I have good news from my nano tank. I had planted a large piece of bog wood with mini fern and Christmas moss, the substrate was planted with interesting Crypts, and all went well for a month with the tank run as a no ferts job. Anyway, this week I had a small patch of BGA on the Christmas...