1. Kyle Lambert

    Looking for a specific dwarf cichlid. Ivanacara adoketa

    So as the title says, im looking for some Ivanacara Adoketa (Zebra Acara) for my large(ish) tank thats going to be given over to a Rio Negro Biotope. Stocking will be a pair of these absolutely stunning fish with Rummy Nose Tetras, Corydoras Duplicareus and Hypancistrus inspector if i can find...
  2. AKD594

    Show us your.......... South American Cichlids/their homes

    I do love South American Cichlids Anyone fancy showing us a few snaps? (apologies if this has been posted before)
  3. Smells Fishy

    New 200L Tank Pictures: From Start To Finish.

    I needed help carrying that up 3 flights of stairs it was super heavy. Its the biggest tank I've ever owned. I started off with a 60L then went up to 2 100L's and now I have graduated this. It was a mission just getting the wrapping off. It was hard getting the cardboard off aswell. This...
  4. Kyle Lambert

    A. Macmasteri

    Hi guys, bought a pair of Apistogramma Macmasteri yesterday from rats, cats and elephants and i was pretty sure i managed to pick out a male and a female from the group they had. However, now ive had them in the tank for 24 hours the fish i thought to be female has developed really bright yellow...
  5. mark4785

    Dwarf Cichlid Seclusion (Juwel Lido 120)

    I've acquired a new Juwel Aquarium which I'd like to transform into an aqua-scape that has the feel of a naturally propagated eco system, but one which also provides sufficient space and attractions (i.e. hiding spots and burrows) for a dwarf cichlid pair named Microgeophagus Ramirezi. While I...