1. Chris Tinker

    second time around

    hello all, name is chris and this will be my second time around fish keeping. first time was a 32 litre box tank which got me hooked and i upgraded to 210... que moving house twice and sold it all. NOW IMMMMM BACK got my self a second hand tank and eheim filter and some wood... suggestions...
  2. R

    Cleaning glass Lily Pipes

    Hello, I have glass lily pipes for the inlet and outlet for my tropical aquarium and am very pleased with them. The glass outlet pipe is easy to clean with a long flexible pipe cleaning brush. The glass inlet pipe has no open end to it (just slits to let the water flow in) to insert a brush so...
  3. Will.P

    Suggestions on a postcard

    I have a small problem, whilst cleaning my glassware yesterday my pipe cleaning brush decided to part company with its flexible shaft. Other than breaking the glass, I really can't think of a solution. Luckily I had a spare to hand. Suggestions on a postcard please. Thanks Will
  4. Gaina

    Sterilising nets etc.

    What does everyone use to sterilise nets, aquascaping tools etc? I cannot find good old unscented bleach anywhere, it's all got exotic additives and perfumes, so I'm wondering if the sterilising fluid used for baby bottles would do the job? All feedback gratefully received. :thumbup:
  5. Teeny

    Salt water to fresh water - Cleaning out an Eheim Pro3 filter

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand 180L tank that came with an Eheim pro 3. The previous owner had a salt water tank, but I want to use it for freshwater aquatic frogs. I've been advised to boil all the filter parts to dissolve the salt traces... but I'm not sure about submerging the top...
  6. Something Fishy

    Cleaning co2 diffuser and solenoid pressure

    Hi Tried 6% h202 on my diffuser but very little is clean, left over night and tried liquid carbon too and still algae is present. Bleach the only option left? I thought of trying Cola or something has anybody tried that? Gonna move it out of the light next time I think... I have an inline...
  7. Zak Rafik

    How do you clean Filter media / canister filters after a BBA attack? :-/

    Hi guys :) OK, I was out this awesome hobby for some time (the reason is in one of my most read post:dead:). The main reason I shut down the tank was due to a heavy attack of BBA and BGA. Anyway, I shutdown my 4 feet tank about ten months back but now I'm all energized to restart my...
  8. amateurfishkeeper

    Importance of having a clean tank and using CO2

    I'm trying to follow the advice of experts and picked up on a few people saying how important it is to keep the tank as clean as possible. I think some of us are labouring under the illusion that having a strong filter and doing a weekly water change is enough but it seems like when people talk...
  9. AKD594

    Cleaning an Old Aquarium

    Hi All Quick question regarding re-setting up an old aquarium I plan to set up an old 25L aquarium which I have kept in a shed for a few years (going low-tech planted). Been checked for leaks, filter/lighting/heater all work fine (tank is a sicce moby 25L). No history of disease As it has been...
  10. Aqua Hero

    is this bleach okay to use for cleaning diffusers

    Is this bleach safe for cleaning diffusers
  11. Reidy

    Full clean out?

    Hi as a few of you may/may not know I'm a marine fish keeper ATM who is moving into planted ( my fish are for sale currently) as soon as I've sold my stock etc will b getting ready for the change. Obviously will need an epic clean out of my filter and tank etc because of the salt, does anybody...
  12. weasel

    What the best filter to have on a planted tank

    Just wondering, as the title says, what filters the best to have on a planted tank, i know externally but what type and what media,and what cleaning routines are people doing..