co2 controller

  1. Carbondioxide

    Pro Elite Dual Stage Regulator

    Our top-rated dual-stage professional CO2 regulator has a lot to offer. We know you take your asquascaping seriously. Whether your working on a 5-litre nano scape or an epic 5000-litre masterpiece, our Pro Elite regulator is more than capable of giving you total control. Run several planted...
  2. Nick_593

    Common problem with DIY FE?. Danger to fish and cylinder?

    Hi guys. I have had several occurrences where a huge surge of CO2 comes out of my DIY FE system (the Fire Extinguisher) when the levels of CO2 get too low in the FE. This has resulted in CO2 overdose in the tank, and the regulator freezing and becoming covered in ice. I have never been there...
  3. John_42

    CO2 controller

    Does anyone have experience of this CO2 controller?