co2 diffuser

  1. R

    Gas escaping between hose and diffuser

    I just bought an aquario diffiser. Despite all efforts it continues to leak between where the hose meets the diffuser. I have tried pushing the tubing as far down as possible over the nipple of the diffuser... does nothing. In all their pics and videos the tubing is roughly .5cm over the inlet...
  2. D

    AquaRio NEO eBay clone

    What do you guys think of this clone? Does it work just as well? It's 1/3 of the price of the original. Tempting...
  3. Conort2

    In tank or external diffuser

    Hi Currently have an external qanvee atomiser, this works well and have no issues however I am rather lazy when it comes to cleaning it and is abit of a pain to clean if I’m honest. This laziness probably causes my co2 to drop off at times which can be an issue. Thinking of switching to an...
  4. H

    First Co2 system - advice?

    Hi all! So I’m looking to purchase my first co2 system for a 15g tank. I’ve found one on co2supermarket which seems to be highly reccomended by the lovely people here on the forum. I just have a few questions before I take the plunge. Firstly concerning the choices for ‘Solenoid Type’. What’s...
  5. algae_connoisseur

    Advise needed on Bubble counter water

    Hi, iv kept tanks a long time, through the years learnt a lot through trial and error. I don't consider myself a guru I'm still learning as we all are. Recently I encountered a problem with melt. Literally every plant was affected and I had not changed my routine for years I was puzzled... I...
  6. Plexus

    Which CO2 Regulator?

    Hello, Which co2 dual stage regulator would you recommend?. I'll be connecting the regulator to a 2kg FE, supplying a 240L tank. I'll be dosing via an UP inline diffuser (are these any good?) Cheers, Andy
  7. Hesham

    ISTA CO2 DIFFUSER SET- Drop Checker no color change !!

    Hi, Kindly note i've purchased (CO2 DIFFUSER SET-Code: I-512),for my (nano tank 8 litres) but the problem is my Drop Checker didn't show any color change till now (always Blue), Solutions i've tried: Replacing the Co2 Cartridge with a new one. Adding the Drop Checker to my (big tank 80 litres...
  8. Insectkiller2005

    Up Inline diffuser

    Hi has anyone tried to put the diffuser on the inlet of the external filter and if so how has it worked out for you ?
  9. Zak Rafik

    Changed to a Sera Co2 Reactor 1000. Gave up on inline diffuser for my planted tank.

    Hi everyone, It has happened again. :eek: First I noticed my plants shedding its leaves and then a sudden burst of green spot algae on most of the plants. Having experienced this a few weeks ago, I noted that the size of Co2 bubbles from the inline diffuser via the spraybar were bigger than...
  10. Zak Rafik

    A case of a very badly clogged INLINE Co2 DIFFUSER

    Hi everyone,:) Just wanted to share my experience with my inline Co2 diffuser yesterday. I have my Co2 on a timer to switch on at 7am. At about 9.30am before rushing off to office, I noticed the tank’s water to be very clear, meaning that there were no micro bubbles in the tank. Usually...