co2 injection

  1. S

    Finnex 24/7 and co2 injection

    Hey all.. Just got my new finnex 247 and I'm setting it up I intent to use the 247 function. Does anyone know what time I should turn on my co2 injection? Should I customise any of the time periods for optimal growth? Thanks guys
  2. Jakwondo

    First co2 system fish safety tips

    Hi everyone I'm new to this site although I've visited many time this is my first post. I've been running tropical tanks for over ten years I've nearly always had live plants I've always wanted to use co2 but I'm scared of killing my fish( my tank is a rio 300 with with tetras and catfish all...
  3. pitom

    CO2 at night

    Hi, I messed up reprogramming the timer linked to CO2 solenoid valve last night and this morning I have realized CO2 was running all night. Fish show no stress! My water has very high KH, so it helps, but does it also mean that I could safely increase CO2 dosing during the day?
  4. Zak Rafik

    A case of a very badly clogged INLINE Co2 DIFFUSER

    Hi everyone,:) Just wanted to share my experience with my inline Co2 diffuser yesterday. I have my Co2 on a timer to switch on at 7am. At about 9.30am before rushing off to office, I noticed the tank’s water to be very clear, meaning that there were no micro bubbles in the tank. Usually...
  5. J

    New to CO2 injection - Advice needed

    Hiya, Having kept "low tech" aquariums for several years now, I'd like to try my hand at "high tech" aquariums. I would like to buy a CO2 system, but the pre-made systems are very expensive, or only come with a 500g cylinder. So I've been doing my research and have decided to go the fire...
  6. Nick_593

    Common problem with DIY FE?. Danger to fish and cylinder?

    Hi guys. I have had several occurrences where a huge surge of CO2 comes out of my DIY FE system (the Fire Extinguisher) when the levels of CO2 get too low in the FE. This has resulted in CO2 overdose in the tank, and the regulator freezing and becoming covered in ice. I have never been there...
  7. NeilW

    CO2 ignorance - solenoid usage?

    Hey guys, I recently treated myself to a Do!Aqua CO2 (against advice :shh: ) as I wasn't too worried by the cost of the cylinders and wanted a small setup. Perhaps as I get used to it I'll upgrade to something bigger. The plan is to buy the cylinders in bulk in advance so I won't be caught...
  8. mark4785

    Dwarf Cichlid Seclusion (Juwel Lido 120)

    I've acquired a new Juwel Aquarium which I'd like to transform into an aqua-scape that has the feel of a naturally propagated eco system, but one which also provides sufficient space and attractions (i.e. hiding spots and burrows) for a dwarf cichlid pair named Microgeophagus Ramirezi. While I...