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  1. Nathanh2150

    Struggling to grow anything that doesn't end up having algae issues

    Hi All, For the past couple of mouths now I have been running into so may issues with my plants. when I have purchased new plants I wash them with clean water before adding into the aquarium to get rid of any nasty bugs or algae. once the plants are planted they look stunning in the tank and...
  2. MrHammonds

    Fish for my new 180l Tropical - Soft Water

    Hello! So, I've got the new tank planted and set up, just in the process of waiting for it to cycle (with seeded media.) I went for a tropica substrate capped with a 2-4mm rounded gravel on top, was going to go full biotope but did so much research that I eventually talked myself out of doing...
  3. Justal

    Relocated tank saved

    I've written most of this elsewhere on these forums, but as I'm now going to keep this tank I thought I'd start a journal for it too. Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 38cm Lighting: 3x 25W T5 Filtration: A tiny little internal filter that barely works... (In fact it hadn't been working at all for about 3...
  4. viktorlantos

    Scaper's Day - Hungary

    Cheers guys, i am sorry i was a bit inactive in the past months. Things are busy around me and i do have less time to be everywhere. But i thought i share one of the thing we organized in the past months. We do love contests and we love community events. Last year the Thai scaping event...
  5. iPlantTanks

    Welcome to the Jungle

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the UKAPS forum but I consider myself a devoted fish and plant keeper. Anyway here's my main tank, 95 litre open top Jungle layout, powered by 20W's of GU10 LED and injected with pressurized CO2. Home to numerous community fish and a few red cherry shrimp, about...