1. dw1305

    Corydoras breeder with planted tanks

    Hi all, I've found an interesting video in the <"Practical Fishkeeping - Reader Visit>" section. Mark Allison is a very accomplished keeper & breeder of catfish and also a planted tank enthusiast. cheers Darrel
  2. Crazy_Walrus

    Gravel choice for corydoras

    Hi guys and gals, Will Cory catfish be ok in this gravel, don't want Thier beautiful moustache to be damaged
  3. Pricey32

    Any help gratefully appreciated

    So im totally rescaping my tank in the new few weeks/months. its been going just over a year but as much as i love it the time has come to change things up as its gone abit stale.Its a fluval roma 200 litre which im planing to stock with around 20 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish & Around 6-10 Corydora...
  4. Plexus

    Cory Red Blotch Disease

    Hopefully someone can help Whilst doing my daily routine of checking the tanks, I have noticed that one of the Cory Catfish has what looks to be red blotch disease. All other inhabitants of the tank look to be just fine, including the other 4 corydoras. The only noticeable difference is a few...
  5. R

    70L Planted Tank - Corydoras Trilineatus | Three Lined Cory Videos

    Hey all, Just put up my first videos of my 70L Planted Tank with my new Corydoras Trilineatus (Three Lined Corys) Really happy with the way they came out. More fish and plenty for videos still to come. Let me know what you think! Enjoy! Ryan
  6. Jake101

    Box of Dreams. Seriously, I have seen dreams about it.

    I have been waiting this moment for two long years. After giving up on my last larger-than-nano tank, there has not been a single week without a thought about the next one. I started planning this project last February. First I couldn't make my mind about anything, since the number of...
  7. ivydree

    Low Tech project

    Hey all! Here's my future project. Still in the thinking though so be kind. I'm about to get my hands on a small tank about 20*50*35 cm (need to check dimensions) The idea is to create a small world for the missus, she wishes to have Corydoras in there, probably shrimps as well. Thing...
  8. Kyle Lambert

    carpet options with corys

    So ive tried HC and my corys think its a lovely soft cushion for them to sit on and destroy so i need some help with my carpet regarding something hardy, attractive and easy to grow. The corys do have a nice big open section at the front of the tank with plenty of places to hide and plenty of...
  9. oddn0ise

    oddn0ise 270litre rebuild + Cory collection

    Hi, I'm new to the site, but signed up after seeing the stand at Aquatics Live. This is my 270 litre tropical tank, it's nearing ten years old now and am getting nervous about the seals... It houses a couple of cracking L-number Plecs, a couple of Clown Loaches to control the snails, several...