1. N

    Ichthyophthirius incoming?

    Good evening there :) I just discovered one of my CPD has a 1 to 2 mm wide spot on its body. Two things in my mind comes first: - He scratched against the rocks of the aquascape, - Ichthyophthirius is my new nightmare. I am using Voogle every week with my water changes. What do you think...
  2. Nathaniel Whiteside

    >>Cabinet FINALLY together :)<< 'In my Dreams, I see Palettes of Green'

    Hey Guys, this is my first journal, and so is a big step for me, Into the world of Constant updates :P I've taken some inspiration, and looked at some peoples advice on here closely - thanks! So here we go. My aim is to create a rock based setup, using Ryuoh (sick of typing 'you' then having...