crsytal red shrimp

  1. Simo- acidgrimlock

    Help with id

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what shrimp my crs are? I think that they are sss grade but what? Flowerhead? Mosura?
  2. darthpaul

    The Crystal Island

    This weekend I stripped down my 30L Fluval Ebi | UK Aquatic Plant Society as I am setting it up to finally try CRS. I have bought myself an RO unit, put Ebi Gold in for substrate and added lava rock and redmoor wood. So far the planting is rotala and pelia from my stripped down tank but I need...
  3. tsze001

    CRS help

    Hi all, I'm new to shrimp keeping and is having problem keeping crs alive, at the moment the tank has a slight hazy white/green water and several crs has died. Tank: 38cm(W)*23cm(D)*27cm(H) roughly 20Litres Substrate: ADS amazonia power. Plant: HC Cuba carpeted whole tank, growing well and some...
  4. Lindy

    54ltr 'The Nook' planted shrimp CRS/CBS tank

    Ok, so this is my 2nd attempt at scaping this tank. I don't want to use EI ferts, do large water changes or have to look at that pink kitty litter anymore so have opted for ADA Amazonia. Also didn't want stems again as they require alot of maintenance. What can I say, I'm lazy. The inspiration...