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crystal red shrimp

  1. Victor

    Best ph for CRS (poll)

    Hi! Which ph do you consider the best for well being and breeding of crystal red shrimp? Just choose your "magic number" above because I'll keep my ph stable. Thank you.
  2. Ryouku2015

    Ro water and chemistry shrimp tank

    Hi im moving my shrimp to a 125l from a 27l and have been using an ro filter which was 25gpd I've now upgraded to 200gpd and wanted to check as I'm still new to using RO water it's reduces to 4 tds from 450 which I presume is fine as it's about 99% and waste is at 1:1.25 when I measured. Just...
  3. Harry Finley

    Crystal red shrimp breeders

    Hi guys, although I'm a new member here I've been following UKAPS for a few years now and I have to say I'm a huge fan. I'm trying to get hold of some crystal red shrimp and wondered if anyone has any that they'd sell me. Not looking for anything super high grade just with nice colour and...
  4. bogwood

    CRS - In their new home

    Hello Just a quick update, moved some of my home bred CRS into my planted tank. Full tank shot Nov 13 by awhsjh, on Flickr Thanks Bogwood
  5. brancaman

    Crystal Beach Guesthouse

    Hello, as promissed today i start my journal of a dedicated aquarium for keeping crs. Crystal Beach Guesthouse Made in February, 2013 52x26x28 - 35 Lts Filter Eheim 2213 Heater - Jaeger 50W Lighting - 2X15W T8 6500K CO2 and fertilizer - not Hardscape: 3 L Ada Aquasoil New Amazonia, silica...
  6. George Farmer

    George's "Crystal Palace" - now with HD video

    Hi all, This is my latest project. Please excuse the poor photo quality taken with my phone. Crystal Red Shrimp non-CO2 aquascape by George Farmer, on Flickr It's going to be dedicated to crystal red shrimp (CRS) and I hope to get them breeding. The tank is in my office at work. The tank...