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  1. Bopowarls

    Hi! - Complete Noob

    Hi Everyone, Complete noob here. Basically a couple of week ago I decided I wanted a fish tank. I assumed i'd just get a tank, fill it with water and add some sunken pirate ships and done. Little did I know... I knew nothing at all about proper aquascaping and the 'science' behind it. After...
  2. josepinto

    Om Shanti - bonsai

    So my favorite LFS (www.ecoarium.pt) found me a unique old bonsai tree... Looking at that, i realized that this beautiful piece could be almost 80% of a new aquascape with the right rocks and plants! :) Hands on work and here i introduce my recent aquascape "Om Shanti". Tank: 45cm*45cm*35cm...
  3. Lauris

    Nano escape

    Decided to "move things around'. done and dusted with this one: http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/crystal-meadow-f-spec19l-nanao.32439/ so.. Fuval Spec 19L tank. I guess I managed to fit as much as possible in it. lol So tech pecs are pretty much same: Light Hi-Lumen LED 1000 Lumen...
  4. Kyle Lambert

    carpet options with corys

    So ive tried HC and my corys think its a lovely soft cushion for them to sit on and destroy so i need some help with my carpet regarding something hardy, attractive and easy to grow. The corys do have a nice big open section at the front of the tank with plenty of places to hide and plenty of...
  5. Kyle Lambert

    switching DHG to cuba

    So my DHG has been in the tank for about 6 weeks now and there are the odd shoots coming up here and there in the substrate, however, i really like the idea of switching to HC. As there are only clumps of DHG with the occasional single blade popping up would it be too difficult to rip out...
  6. terry82517

    Recommended number of 1 2 grow 'hc' pots

    Going to order some pots of hc cuba tropica 1 2 grow but haven't the faintest idea how many I would need to cut up and plant most of my 90cm x 45 tank floor! How many did any of you guys use in your tanks? :)