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cube aquarium

  1. christinecrites

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    Newbie sharing my second scape progress and welcoming any tips or advice! Tank: 5G Marineland Portrait with false back and internal filter ripped out and an Oase filtosmart 60 added. (mech. sponge, biomedia, filter floss and purigen). Mini 25W heater (non adjustable). ONF flat nano on a time...
  2. Davidwebbuk

    New Joiner - Two nano tanks

    Morning all. Just joined after George Farmer mentioned the forum in one of his videos. I've got a pair of 30l Square Nano tanks that I'm intending to plant and keep a Betta & shrimp and either raspboras or tetras and shrimp. They're currently in the kitchen as I try and get them cycled. I...
  3. cheesyfeet

    The Cube

    In these strange times I've found myself coming back to an old hobby. I had my first aquarium 17 years ago, and then a 5 year hiatus since 2014. To see all my projects, follow @fishandaquascapes on instagram... I'm now back to 9 aquariums and 4 walstad bowls. 30 x 30 x 30 cm glass cube. I...