1. D

    DIY LED Light for Fluval Edge Help

    I have a Fluval Edge 42L and want to make a high tech tank, so the stock LED lights will have to go. I want to build my own light with LEDs from here (or maybe another place)...
  2. DannyH

    Lagoa Verde - 45P

    Hi folks, So having spent the best part of a year and a half contemplating this/ reading endless journals I thought i’d start a journal for my first high tech planted tank attempt ‘Lagoa Verde’. I’ll generally be testing the waters so to speak in terms of the chosen plants, mostly easy with...
  3. algae_connoisseur


    Hello im new to forums but i really think the world should know that juwel tank lids can be custom despite the difficulties. i am going to post 3 sections, 1st prep, 2nd finnishing, 3rd fitting. hope you enjoy and prehaps 1 person will take inspiration from this project. i love juwel tanks and...