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  1. C

    New plants for a new tank, necessary to sterilize the plant?

    Hey all as per title, I am cycling a new tank with plants. I'm just wondering is it necessary to sterilize the plants in order to start the tank? Or could I simply just wash it thoroughly and let it establish in the new tank while letting nature takes it course, e.g. possible snails or worms or...
  2. Smithyithy

    Thoughts on my water parameters

    Hi All, Day 9 with my nano tank, I've just done a test of my water parameters (first one) to see how the cycle is progressing, and I'm not sure what to make of the results: Nitrate - 80 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Ammonia - 2.5 ppm pH - 7.2 KH - 150 GH - 180 I am using the API test strips, which I...
  3. anddak

    Cycling won't start - advice please

    Hi All, I've set up my first tank about 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to start cycling right after, because I was away and I wanted to monitor it closely, so I started cycling about 4-5 days ago. I am trying to do a fishless cycle with fish food (flakes). I added a...
  4. Hanuman

    Water changes after initial setup of planted tank

    Hello everyone, I would like to have an explanation with some degree of details, explaining the necessity of regular water changes (say 2/3/4 or more times a week) during the initial few weeks after setup. I understand that the overall idea of water changes is to get rid of the organics in the...
  5. The Scaper’s Scene

    Nitrogen cycle discussion

    Just want to share some information about nitrogen cycle. Hopefully this picture will help someone... I would like to know your experience with it, after what time you are adding livestock to your tanks?
  6. Crazy_Walrus

    New tank cycle

    Hi, so got a new tank set up on Tuesday of this week (one on the left of course) it's a 140 litre and I have a few plants in there about 7 separate plants some of the same spieces. I've added seachem stability to add Beneficia bacteria I'm wondering if I could add some fish this weekend? I'd...
  7. Kalum

    Aquascaper wannabe (Scotland)

    Evening all, been lurking making use of all info on here for the past few weeks while I'm setting up my first proper (albeit small) tank so thought I'd say hello rather than just hiding in the background. Tank is a Superfish Home 60, talked into it after it got a decent review from George...
  8. Chetan Visrolia

    Hello from Egham

    Hi UKAPS, New member starting out here with a question. I have a cycled tank 60L Fluval Flex but want to swap out my sons multi coloured gravel for proper substrate We have basic plants and a shoal of tetras with some snails, levels are all good I plan to put in some volcanic...
  9. Christos Ioannou

    To flood or not to?

    Hi all, I've got a new scape setup, using aquasoil. Hardscape is ready; the plants are due to arrive in 9 days the earliest. :nailbiting: I am toying with the idea of flooding the tank for the following reasons: get cycling process running so I can introduce the fish earlier (now in temp...
  10. Julian

    Recommend a tank cycling product

    I have some Ammonia and I've had success using it to cycle my tank it in the past but found it a little tedious dosing it every day (the smell is horrible and seems to linger for quite a while). Although I will stick to this method if this is best, I don't have any live stock to worry about. I...