1. Carbondioxide

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    If your looking at changing your diffuser or starting a new aquascape in the new year, visit our website and take advantage of our January sale. discounts available across our entire range of products until the 5th January.
  2. Aqua Essentials

    3 deals this bank holiday

    We'll have 3 brilliant deals for this bank holiday which we'll announce tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled :peeking:
  3. Aqua Essentials

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    Of the 4L bottles of Neutro T, + and CO2 These excellently priced bottles won't last long. When they're gone, they're gone forever :)
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    loads of plants on sale til the end of November

    Fancy stocking up your tank with some AMAZING bargains? Offers expire in 10 days time:
  6. Aqua Essentials

    Doesn't get any better than this!

    Check out all these plants we have on offer atm All can be seen on our home page! Planted Aquarium Specialists, Aquarium Plants, Mixed Boxes of Aquatic Plants, Substrates, CO2 Sets, Fertilisers, Diffusers and LED Lighting Systems
  7. Aqua Essentials

    Incredible plant deals which expire soon

    expires at the end of this month or if they sell out: Anubias heterophylla was £5.50 now £2.99 Anubias nana was £4.99 now £2.99 Echinodorus rose was £3.99 now £2.99...
  8. Aqua Essentials

    This offer won't last long

    Tropica Christmas Moss on Wood - normal price £12.99 The price for the next 7 days £8.99
  9. Aqua Essentials

    Plants of offer til the end of April

    We have a selection of plants with a discount but only til the end of this month Enjoy! Potted Plants | Buy Potted Plants Online