dennerle scaper's aquarium

  1. LukeDaly

    A few nooby lighting questions!

    Hey guys! Again im still wondering what lighting options to go for on this Scapers tank of mine, I can get the 24W scapers light for £80 but tmy question is what makes it so special? Would there be much of a growth difference if I was to have say 3x Dennerle 11W lights? (Have one) and...
  2. LukeDaly

    Clear Tubing, Inline Heater & Lilly Pipes for the Fluval 306

    Hey guys! Recently just purchased the Fluval 306 for a new tank build I am going to be doing and I am wondering if anyone has any idea on what type of tubing I can use to replace the horrible black ribbed stuff that came with the filter? Not only is this for looks I need a little more tubing...