1. Gaina

    New Fluval Roma 125

    I set up my new aquarium this week (Fluval Roma LED 125) and placed a few plants from my old aquarium in there along with some hardscape just to get a sense of perspective whilst I decide what I'm going to do with it. My aim is to create a loose Southeast Asian biotope in a 'jungle' style. I...
  2. miuYH

    ADA Cube Garden 60X30X36

    Day 85 Fauna: 16 Harlequin rasbora ?? Yellow Shrimp Flora: Utricularia Graminifolia Equipment: Tank: ADA Cube Garden 60-P 60X30X36 Light: Finnex Ray 2 DS Dual 7000K 24" CO2: None Filter: Eheim 2217 Keeping it real simple this time around. Planted on April 21st, 2013, this is my single...