1. C

    Brown algae problems

    Hello, I have just recently started a night tech planted tank. The tank has now been running for about a month now and I still cant seem to get rid of the brown algae. Does anybody know how long does this kind of algae stays around for? My ammonia and nitrite levels are still up a bit. Does...
  2. Bence

    For the Start is dark and full of terrors

    my first planted tank...ever
  3. Christos Ioannou

    Diatom ...art

    Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. I can proudly say: I have many of those :) Jokes aside, a great work from its author!
  4. Zak Rafik

    Is this Diatom algae? :(

    Hi everyone I have this brown stuff growing on my plants and substrate for the past 1 week. Also I notice this stuff can be wiped away easily from the plants. Can someone confirm if this is indeed diatoms and why I'm getting it after 1 year of having this tank? How do you treat this? Just for...