1. Crazy_Walrus

    Co2 possible fault?

    Hello, I have just set up my co2 system. The diffuser is now full of co2 and there's no water left in it. My issue is that there are not many bubbles coming out of the diffuser at all. I have it at 1 bubble per second and the diffuser has a tiny amount of bubbles? Is the correct or is...
  2. John P Coates

    JBL CristalProfi i60, 80, 100, 200 - a novel design?

    Hi Folks, I use a JBL CristalProfi i100 filter in my 125l tank. This is a very discrete internal design. This model has three baskets filled with the media of the user's choice. So, you could put mechanical filtration in one basket, biological filtration in another and chemical filtration in...
  3. greenink

    Best and simplest way to inject CO2?

    I've tried lots of in-line approaches... AM1000 reactor: good diffusion, crystal clear water, too noisy, gets dirty and blocks flow UP diffuser: bubbles too annoying if post-filter; crystal clear if pre-filter; but slowly gets blocked with limescale and needs cleaning, so needs constant slow...