1. Smithyithy

    Twinstar 300CC - Dimmer / Controller issues

    Hi all, decided to register as I read the forum quite often during my Googling and general research for the tank I'm putting together.. Anyway I have the Twinstar 300CC, and I'm trying to get a dimmer / controller to connect and work with it correctly.. We have a Fluval Chi already running...
  2. Hyoscine

    Is there any way I can dim this particular light?

    I have a spare Eheim powerLED that's perfect for a thing I'm working on (large bottle with a kinda small, round opening), except it's way too bright. It has an inline on/offswitch I could possibly replace, but to be honest, I don't understand electricity well enough to know if I could just swap...
  3. Kitbag

    Dimming a Twinstar 450e?

    Im likely to buy the 45cm wide Dennerle Aquascaper as my first planted. It will be in the lounge, so dimming may be important sometimes if someone is sitting nearby (I presume). At the moment I may either go for the Twinstar 450e or the Chihiros Aquasky 45cm Double. If I go for the...
  4. J

    Do I need an LED controller?

    I'm running a TMC GroBeam 600 on around 60 litres of water, without a controller. Pressurised CO2 injection, liquid fertilisers and JBL Plant Soil. The tank is a couple of days old, but I'm aware I'm running the light at 100%, around 10 cm from the water surface. Plants include: HC 'Cuba'...