diy lighting

  1. Crazy_Walrus

    DIY Led strip lighting?

    Is there a way to use LED strip kits you can pick up on amazon for a DIY planted tank light? My tank is currently running CO2 and an interpet tri spec LED light. I have advanced plants in this tank and want to make sure they get the light they need (i daily dose ferts made for high tech...
  2. goldscapes

    Soraa Lighting

    I am in no way associated with Soraa lighting but thought some members might be interested in the lighting profile they provide. They are designed to render realistic whites while offering a surprisingly broad colour range without the usual loss of cyan associated with LED. There are...
  3. makoy lingaro

    5-gallon plant-only Tank: No Title

    Hello! It's been a long time since I've made a journal and I've been pretty much a lurker for most of my visits here in UKAPS. So, this is my 5 gallon standard, braced tank ( I had to remove the brace so that I can place the intake and outflow of my filter). Setup: Tank: 16x8x10 inches...
  4. algae_connoisseur


    hi i have posted a link to my thread on custom jewel lids, have a look... sorry to advertise on here but figured it wouldnt get a look on the diy section regards andy
  5. algae_connoisseur


    Hello im new to forums but i really think the world should know that juwel tank lids can be custom despite the difficulties. i am going to post 3 sections, 1st prep, 2nd finnishing, 3rd fitting. hope you enjoy and prehaps 1 person will take inspiration from this project. i love juwel tanks and...
  6. michael woods

    Getting frustrated.

    Ok so as some of you may be aware I'm new to aquascaping. I currently have an interpet fish box 64 which was originally meant to be used as a big standard tank until I caught the aquascaping bug. I'm currently doing my best to improvise it and test my DIY skills. However, the lighting just...
  7. Alastair

    A 'little' box of chocolates, licorice n allsorts - baby chocco fry

    Following on from my soon to be dismantled chocolate puddle A Chocolate Puddle - picture update | UK Aquatic Plant Society I thought id get my follow on journal started in the lead up to my tank arriving. This like my other journal won't have any specific planning as to scape etc but will try...