dose pump

  1. Fissure

    GUIDE #2: Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With AquaMedic ReefDoser 4

    Hi everyone, lurker here and my first post, thought I could add my guide previously posted at the plantedtank here. It's an alternative to the other Auto Dosing Guide for the Jebao. This guide has been tried on the Aquamedic Reefdoser 4. It is basically the same doser as the Jebao Auto Dosing...
  2. TarkMalbot

    Marine Magic 1 + 1 Dosing Pump

    I quite fancy this for when I am offshore for 2 weeks or when I go away on holidays. Takes out the worry of leaving my wife to dose or whoever is looking after the house whilst I am away. Marine Magic 1+1 doser - Set Also found on eBay: Marine Magic Aquarium dosing pump (1+1 doser) -...