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  1. M

    Pale Yellow Growth in Rotala Green with EI Dosing

    Hi all, I've been struggling for a while now with the color in my Rotala Rotundafolia Green. I've had this tank set up since November and haven't been able to get the proper vibrant green out of my plants. Rotala Green, being a fast grower, shows the most egregious signs of the pale growth as...
  2. P

    Best ferts for the plant plus the shrimp

    Hi All! I want to find out which fert is most suitable for my aquarium and shrimp. So, My tank size is 60cm * 40cm * 40cm Light: ATI Sun power 4×24 W lámpa incl. dimmcomputer: 1W/litre 3 pieces - Sylvania 865 T5 HO 24W = 5550 lm 1 piece - Eheim Freshpower Daylight T5 24W = 1850 lm...
  3. NayrP

    Plant Damage, Stunted Growth. What am I doing wrong?!

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum and I am hoping you can help me figure out what is going on in my aquarium. I have been in the hobby for about 2 years and am having a great time learning what it takes to keep a planted tank, but I have been having several issues for the past 3-4...
  4. Deansie

    EI dosing bottles

    Ok, been using the EI dosing method for a few years now and just today realised how the measuring part of the bottles work What a idiot I am! ha ha. I'm guessing I'm the only slow person on here?
  5. E

    Help! plant deficiency or toxicity ? ( new pics)

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside and lighter in the middle , as the...
  6. E

    help needed mont carlo deficiency?

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside or darker and lighter in the middle ...
  7. C

    Overun with hair algae!

    I really need some advice regarding algae as I'm fairly new to planted tanks & aquascaping.. Around 2 weeks ago I planted my 80 litre tank with the following plants & have been dosing Tropica Specialised 3ml daily: Rotala Green Ludwigia Palustris Tenellus Lindernia Rotundifolia HC Cuba Dwarf...
  8. Phantom

    dosing problem

    Set up 29.9. 2015 The tank 80X35X40 cm, 112 l (optiwhite) Cabinet 80X35X80 cm (ADA style) Lighting 4AQUA 4X24W T5 (33 cm above tank), Giesemann Aquaflora and Giesemann Midday Filters Eheim 2324 thermofilter (Eheim mech, Seachem matrix, Seachem purigen, blue and white pad) CO2 4 kg set...
  9. Glenda Steel

    Basic maintenance - how to?

    Is there a post or tutorial on really basic aquarium techniques? For example: - how long is it safe to leave the filter unplugged during maintenance? - what's the best way to refill the tank after a water change and with what equipment? - general tips on cleaning equipment i.e. planting...
  10. naughtymoose

    Dosing Gluteraldehyde in larger volumes

    Hi Folks. I have a Roma 240L hobgoblins-cave. I've made improvements over the past months and am trying to make life a bit easier for myself. I've been dosing Glutaraldehyde, but, as I'm a bit shaky sometimes due to my illness, have been trying to figure out a way of making it easier. My...
  11. Joel Smith

    What level should I aim for with my nitrates? And two other ?'s...

    Hi guys, I currently have a 90 gallon tank. Water is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. My CO2 runs from 9AM-7PM at about 4-5BPS, my LED runs 10AM-3PM(15min fade out), and my 2x54T5HO run 2:40PM-8PM. I dose all flourish products: excel (every other day), potassium and iron (once a week), and flourish...
  12. Matt Horne

    Auto E.I Dosing

    Hi all, I brought a Jecod/Jebao DP-3 dosing pump today, but I can't seem to dose the Macro and Micro on different days. I can only select 'Times per day', 'Interval days', 'Dosing time' and 'Volume'. So I cant select separate days if that makes sense. Is there anyway around this? Could I dose...
  13. Sakij7

    Need advice for ferts and excel dosing

    I wondering how much excel and dry ferts I should be dosing in my tank. I can't afford to change anything in my tank right now, so any recommendations will have to work with what ive got ;). Current setup: 20 gallon tank 55 watt 6500k compact fluorescent, on 8 hours per day, with three hour...
  14. Luis Batista

    Help with my E.I dosing

    Hi My tank have about 100L and im dosing 60ml weekly divided in 20ml every other day. WC of 50% each week. For Micros i use APFUK’s Chelated Trace Elements on 12g to 400ml water to dose 20ml every other day. My criptos are showing curled leaves and my alternanthera reineckii 'pink' also...
  15. Jaap

    Low Tech EI dosing, Excel & Lights

    Hello, I have a 20L tank with crypts and anubias and 4 rummy noses. It was neglected and now that I moved it in the kitchen it will receive more attention. It has an internal filter and an 11w CFL and clay based gravel. Now I have decided to dose with EI and Excel. 1. What will be my...
  16. A

    Can I does all EI in one go?

    Hello, Just got my first batch of salts etc to start dosing Ei. Problem is I'm going to uni, and don't want to leave someone to does specific things on specific days - so I was just wondering whether there was a problem with dosing everything in one go at the start of the week? Only...
  17. RolyMo

    Dosing whilst on 1 week holiday

    I have searched a read a few threads on the subject, but this is my first holiday whilst owning a tank. I am going away for 1 week only. I plan to do my normal 50% water change before I leave. I planned to leave the lights on for the normal 6hrs I plan to some how get someone to come round and...
  18. ale36

    How do you remember to dose your tanks?

    i'm having trouble remembering to dose my tanks daily once i forget one day then it carries on and i forget to dose for the rest of the week, i'm sure my brain is functioning petty well as i haven't forgotten how to breathe, walk, talk etc. So what do you guys do to remember dosing your tanks?