drop checker

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  2. Filip Krupa

    Drop checker green BEFORE co2 ON

    Hi Peeps. On my 2000L sumped setup, Ive noticed that my drop checker is almost lime green BEFORE co2 on. Noticing this every day lately. Anyone else had this happen? Drop checker liquid changed, turned the lights on (with co2 off), and got some pearling. So I dont think its the measurement...
  3. peaches

    How do I know if my drop checker is working?

    I set up my CO2 yesterday so it has been hooked up for 24 hours approx. but I turned it off overnight. Today it came on at 10am. I have experimented with position of atomiser but have left the drop checker alone. The water is still fairly dark blue, but I decided to test my pH with my API...
  4. Aquarium_scape_n_fish

    Co2 bubbles per second in a reactor

    I have just converted from using an in tank diffuser to an external reactor to mix my co2 and eliminate the fizzy look. Using the diffuser, my pressurised sodastream system ran at about 2 bubbles per second and turned the drop checker to an ideal lime green. Now I have the co2 running at 3...
  5. Vandal Gardener

    Drop Checker Horror

    Good morning peeps, Hope everyone's in fine form. I just did the daily head count in my nano (Aquanano 55 litre), pretty sure the pygmy corries know what I'm doing and keep changing positions just to screw with my half awake eyes :) so caffeine and nicotine levels are slowly replenishing when...
  6. Hesham

    ISTA CO2 DIFFUSER SET- Drop Checker no color change !!

    Hi, Kindly note i've purchased (CO2 DIFFUSER SET-Code: I-512),for my (nano tank 8 litres) but the problem is my Drop Checker didn't show any color change till now (always Blue), Solutions i've tried: Replacing the Co2 Cartridge with a new one. Adding the Drop Checker to my (big tank 80 litres...
  7. K

    Drop checker colour

    Hi all Does anyone use the co2art drop checker fluid? Having trouble telling the colour. In the tank the colour looks deep green (as per bottle instructions). Take it out the tank it's blue. I've had co2 running for 4 hours and colour hasn't budged.
  8. Zak Rafik

    Co2 Drop checker position. Is it 10cm to 15cm from the surface OR 2cm to 3cm from the substrate?

    Hi everyone, What is the best position to place the Co2 drop checker in a planted tank? I have read from two reliable sources with vast difference of opinion on this matter. I don’t wish to name them as I don’t want to point fingers but rather learn from their experience. One (A) says to place...
  9. Luis Batista

    4dKH Solution

    Hello I have been read about solutions of 4dKH for the drop checker but they all are a little big in the amounts of water to use. I dont want to be left with 4 or 5 L of a 40dKH solution. So i scale it down to this: 500ml Distilled water + 0,6gr sodium bicarbonate = 500ml solution 40dKH...
  10. Climbitise

    Drop Checker Gunk!

    Hi I have noticed this problem several times with my drop checker. I get this cloudy gunk on top of the tank water just inside my drop checker. I have tried to get some pictures but it is proving difficult with my less than par camera. It is easy to clean out but wondered if this will affect...
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