1. jaypeecee

    A New Optimum Dissolved CO2 Concentration?

    Hi Folks, It would appear that JBL have decided on a new optimum CO2 level in users' tanks. Instead of the 30 mg/l figure, which has been 'the norm' for a good many years, JBL seem to be rolling out their latest drop checker (DC) test sets with a new optimum of 20 mg/l. See below...
  2. jaypeecee

    Drop Checker Blocked By White Film

    Hi Folks, My new glass conventional drop checker is giving misleading readings. And I have good reason to believe that it's being caused by a white film that builds up near to the DC entrance. In other words where the CO2 gas diffuses from the water surface to the airspace inside the DC. See...
  3. Christopher Cook

    Dropped pressure

    Hi I set up a regulator with seloniod to a fire extinguisher yesterday afternoon. The tank or cylinder (high) pressure was around 850. The seloniod turned off at around 6pm. This morning I checked and the pressure has dropped to 800. I checked for leaks yesterday, once with seloniod off and...