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dry start method

  1. B

    Moss dry start on wood

    I'm attempting to dry start fissidens fontanus and riccardia chamedryfolia driftwood. This setup has been going for about two weeks and I wanted to share the progress! I chose to do this because they were small amounts of leftover mosses, and the aquarium wouldn't be ready to set up for some...
  2. Aqua Hero

    Emersed Marsilea cremata and hirsita

    I bought these to plants and I was informed that crenata grows smaller than hirsita but from the packs I got it's the opposite. You think the person made a mistake and put them in the wrong bags or is this just normal?
  3. Aqua Hero

    Confused about dry start method

    I'm preparing to do a dry start method with both carpeting plants and mosses (since they will all come in their emersed form). I literally spent the whole of yesterday reading articles, forum posts and videos on this method and there is a lot of conflicting information which is confusing me...
  4. Zedan

    Adapting Plants After Dry Start Method

    I'd like to get opinions on this method of adapting plants to life underwater after a dry start. What are your experiences with plants adapting after dry start method? Specifically with Dwarf Hairgrass (acicularis eleocharis sp. mini), anubias, and Ludwigia Mini Super Red. Or otherwise, has...
  5. B

    HC Cuba dry start

    Good day, New to the hobby and absolutely love it. Hurts the wallet though I have to say !! Anyways, straight to the point. Doing a dry start with HC Cuba. 45 Gallon tank. Temp 20-24 Celsius, humidity 90%, using ADA power sand special, topped with ADA aquasoil. Spraying once a day creating to...
  6. Michael Thomas

    Hello from the North!

    I'm going to assume based on the members map I'm not the only person from the North East, anyway I've always used UKAPS for things like finding reviews and information but finally decided to join and hopefully learn and share my own wisdom. I've been plantkeeping for around a year, and I'm...
  7. Nigel95

    Yoghurt method moss - Dry start method - How to grow moss

    Probably some people already know this method.. For the people that don't know it already here is a step by step guide. I really like this method for a natural effect and it saves some money. Enjoy guys! :D How do you attach your moss and why? Example of my forest with this method. details...
  8. peaches

    I have dug a hole, can you suggest a way out?

    I have been out of the hobby a couple of years. I missed my fishkeeping so I bought a new tank, 125 litres. I wanted to grow a carpet in front of the aquarium. I bought elocharis sps, java fern, anubias nana and cryptocorine wendtii. Did a bit of reading and thought I would start the...
  9. Steven Southgate

    Dry Start Method

    I am very new to aquatics. I have recently started a small 80ltr tank and wanted to try the "Dry Start" method. I began by placing some Fluval Stratum Plant and Shrimp Substrate into my tank. I added some rocks and purchased some Dwarf Baby Tears seeds on line and scattered them across the...
  10. Manuel Arias

    List of emersed plants

    Hi UKAPS, I was wondering if any of you know about any book/website about what plants are fit to be grown emerged. I am planning a dry method, but of course, not all the plants are fit for it. However, not many plant providers give information about if the plants are grown emerged or not. I, of...
  11. A

    Help with DSM

    Hi guys, This is probably the best spot on the web for planted tank discussions with most people eager to help us newbies out. I had a thought and wanted UKAPS to help me out. I am planning to DSM HC for my 34g tank(36x12x18). I would carry on with the DSM till I have a desired carpet and...
  12. DGR

    GlasGarten Mini L "Nemesis"

    Hi all, I want to present you my latest projekt, called "Nemesis". And here a few facts: Hardware: GlasGartenMini L 45 x 24 x 30 cm float glas Gross~30L, net - still don't know Daytime eco 40.3 Eheim 2213 ADA Lily Pipe Spin P Outflow Do!aqua Violet Glass Inflow UP Aqua Inline Atomizer + 500gr...
  13. Wilson

    Fissidens Fontanus Dry Start

    So I bought some fissidens for my dry start tank, and I just firmly pressed them onto my driftwood. I figured that without any water current, the fissidens won't be disrupted when attaching itself onto the wood. Will this work? Am I an idiot? Thanks!
  14. Wilson

    Staurogyne Repens, help please!

    So I just bought some trimmings from a submerged tank and planted them about 5 days ago. Is it normal for them to look like this? Is this the transition phase from submerged to emersed? Thanks!
  15. Rasbora

    DSM? Pity the poor plants

    As we know, the DSM is quite hard on plants - lots of lovely CO2 but don't expect them to look good in an environment they're not designed to function in. This scientific papers looks at the cost to plants of adaption to and from aquatic to emerged growth: Biomechanical responses of aquatic...
  16. callmephathead

    New year, new tank - Dry start small signature 45x45x30

    Hi, I woke up this morning with a little bit of a problem: a) I am finally able to take some time off work now that Xmas and new year are over, but sadly not enough to travel away from home. b) I have decided to stay away from new year's resolutions and therefore I have no wish to hit the...
  17. Julian

    Any tips for HC DSM?

    Hi guys and girls! Like the topic says, I'm just after a few tips using the dry start method as I'd like to have a go at growing a carpet of HC. My current attempt at growing HC submersed has worked out quite well. Around 6 months ago I planted it stem by stem then flooded the tank straight...
  18. Samjpikey

    The Grassy knol

    Hey . This is going to be my first proper attempt at an 'aqua scape '. My previous set ups mainly consisted of low light plants which looked like a mess so want something with a little bit more work. I am planning to plant a DSM 2 weeks today but there's a few things I need to query etc. The...
  19. George Farmer

    George's TMC Signature

    Hi all, I'm really excited to be aquascaping again for the first time since May last year. I have a TMC Signature 60x45x30cm (clear silicone) with gloss white cabinet. I need to cut out a half moon in the cabinet side for the filter hoses because unfortunately they're not pre-cut. I did...
  20. George Farmer

    Lots of Dry Start Method questions!

    Hi all, Some of you may be aware I'm setting up a new tank. Journal here - George's TMC Signature - The Hardscape Chapter | UK Aquatic Plant Society manzi situ by George Farmer, on Flickr I'm really interested in trying out the dry start method (DSM), as discussed a few years ago by Tom Barr...