dwarf cichlid

  1. Kyle Lambert

    Looking for a specific dwarf cichlid. Ivanacara adoketa

    So as the title says, im looking for some Ivanacara Adoketa (Zebra Acara) for my large(ish) tank thats going to be given over to a Rio Negro Biotope. Stocking will be a pair of these absolutely stunning fish with Rummy Nose Tetras, Corydoras Duplicareus and Hypancistrus inspector if i can find...
  2. aquacoen

    60-P amazon scape

    After three months of reading, waiting and reading my aquarium is finally getting shape. 12 years ago I had my first aquarium and I'm very glad I can pick up the wonderful aquarium hobby again! My plan is to make an amazon scape with lots of plants and one couple of dwarf cichlids. This week I...
  3. Kyle Lambert

    A. Macmasteri

    Hi guys, bought a pair of Apistogramma Macmasteri yesterday from rats, cats and elephants and i was pretty sure i managed to pick out a male and a female from the group they had. However, now ive had them in the tank for 24 hours the fish i thought to be female has developed really bright yellow...