dwarf puffer

  1. goldscapes

    30cm Cube riparium

    So, I have been slowly accumulating the necessary kit for a 30cm cube with hang-on back planted filter for emersed growth. It seems that there are very few fish that would be happy in such a small tank and I am down to a shortlist of a pair of Dwarf Puffers or Asian Stone Catfish (Hara Jedoni)...
  2. oscarlloydjohn

    Hello from Bristol!

    Hi, my name is Oscar and I have a 30L Dennerle Nano Cube with 3 Dwarf Puffers. I have been using plantedtank.net for a while now and realised that most of the members are based in America so I have decided to make an account on here :) Here is a picture of my tank which I took recently
  3. JohnC

    30cm Cube - Dwarf Puffer Tank - New Journal!

    Hi Everyone, It's been years since i've journalled properly here, so as promised here is the first of my new batch. I've been busy as hell with work and moving house 8 months ago (and again a year and a half before that) that i'd had little time or space for bigger in house tanks. Brighid...
  4. Bradleyh91

    Signature Puffer Paradise

    Thought it was about time I write a journal for this tank as it has been up and running now for about 4 months so here goes. I decided to put this tank together for my dwarf puffers as they were starting to outgrow the previous home. Details are as follows: Tank TMC Signature 450x450x300...