dying plants

  1. S

    Hygrophila problem.

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, thanks for having me! I am in desperate need of some advice. I had bought some hygrophilia online but have had nothing but disappointment with them! I bought them as i read they are easy to look after and not demanding. Can anyone tell me what I am doing...
  2. naughtymoose

    Anubias renovation

    I recently got the load of Anubias and Microsorum from John S (thanks John!) At the moment, I've just got them floating in the tank on the landing (a-south-american-on-the-landing), but they need a bit of work. Is it just a case of snipping off any obviously dead, diseased or dying bits and...
  3. Jason Burk

    Please help! Plants dying..

    Hi all you lovely people For months and months all I've tried hasn't worked, I just don't understand why my plants keep dying.. All my plants, Eleocharis acicularis, Staurogyne repens, Lilaeopsis novea-zeelandiae, and Pogostomon erectus - all either turn brown, yellow, or get bombarded by...
  4. H

    Help! My plants are dying, not growing

    This is my set-up... 90 litre tank, TMC Aqualight 500 LED to supplement the bulb that came with the hood, external filter with activated carbon removed, 500gram JBL brand injected CO2 with inline UP Atomiser dispersing the bubbles through a spray bar. Pressure of CO2 is 1.9 Bar to work the...
  5. Matthew Hillman

    Please Help my plants are dying

    Hi All, As you can see from the picture below my plants are mainly yellow, I end up with a huge amount of plant bits in my filter and stuck in the inlet valve. Could it be a light issue? I am currently running second hand bulbs a 42" power-glo in the front and a 48" JBL 6500k in the...