1. three-fingers

    (Probaby not) Glossostigma from seed - impulse eBay buy.

    Hi all, Today I received a surprise in the mail - a wee glass bottle full of seeds. I'd forgotten impulse buying this for £1.14 on eBay about a month ago, probably after a few beers, as I'd normally avoid this type of listing. They were sold as "Glossostigma" seeds, here's the listing...
  2. A

    Ebay ADA like Superjet filters

    Hi everyone, I am setting up a new tank (dennerle scapers tank) and was looking at these stainless steel, ada like, filters on ebay. Actually there are two different companies making these (both links below). Obviously they are a good deal cheaper than the ADA equivalents but from the photos and...
  3. Kyle Lambert

    Would this be good enough for a 12" deep 60l tank?

    I am just wondering as im looking to make my tank look 'cleaner' and want to replace the tubes i have. This is the item in question Aquarium Fish Tank Clip Clamp Lamp 96 LED Light White Blue Lighting | eBay If it is good enough what would you think the max price should be for it? cheers
  4. Kyle Lambert

    Ebay CO2

    UP Aqua CO2 system for Charming Aquarium A149 | eBay anyone know if this system is worth the money or have used this system before? Currently using an ISTA disposable can system and ill have to use that for the meantime as im currently upgrading my tank gradually as and when i can afford to...
  5. Kyle Lambert

    eBay lighting...

    So i found this on eBay and i was wondering if anyone else has used this product with success? 15 Colors 15.7in 24 Key Remote Controller Aqauarium Fish Tank LED Lights Bar New | eBay Im currently trying to up my lighting and filtration whilst sticking to a budget. I will be keeping to my...
  6. terry82517

    Cheap twezzers

    Anyone had any experience with the cheap £3/4 long tweezers & sissers that Are on eBay from Asia? Are they any good or cheap crap? Cheers