1. Glenda Steel

    Advice on temporary homing fish/inverts

    I am planning to re-scape our tank but will need to have temporary accommodation for the fish (5 Endler's Guppy, 1 Danio, 5 Amano shrimp and 5 Nerite snails. I was already thinking of setting up a second tank and thought that this may be a good temporary home. I envisage it will take a couple...
  2. Glenda Steel

    Nano heater recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations for a heater to go into the 23l (6 US GAL) Fluval Edge in white (see below). The tank will be planted but I would like the heater to be as invisible as possible. Does anyone know of a glass, white or perhaps a stainless steel heater for this size of tank?
  3. Glenda Steel

    How do I determine Fluval Edge light output

    I am planning on re-scaping our tank and would like to plan the planting but would like some help in determining exactly what level of lighting is in our Fluval Edge 46l which has the following factory supplied lighting: This is Fluval's description: Fluval 46l "Edge includes a powerful and...