eheim 2217 external filter

  1. Sudipto

    Want to reduce flow of Eheim Classic

    Due to certain unavoidable circumstances I had to set up a new planted tank (2x1x1) with an Eheim Classic 2217 about three months ago. As you can understand it's an overkill and the flow is a lot more than my fish can handle. In fact I cannot keep tetras because they may not be able to manage so...
  2. justin85

    Justin's ADA 60p - NEW FTS (page4)

    WELCOME Tank: ADA Cube Garden 60-P: 60 x 30 x 36cm Cabinet: Custom made ADA Style cabinet (white) Lighting: Custom made LEDs 30w, Custom made reflector, Customised light stand + suspension kit Filteration: Eheim Professional 2 2026 external filter • Filtration Media: ceramic rings...