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ei dosing

  1. ChrisMachell

    Is EI dosing right for me?

    Hi all, looking for some advice on the best kind of dosing for my tank. I have a 240l, CO2 injection (in line diffusion). I have been dosing with TNC Complete, usually 20ml after a water change (twice weekly), occasionally supplemented with root tabs in clay substrate. Lights are fairly low (the...
  2. Savi_g

    Ei method, safe for shrimps?

    Hi again guys! So, I’ve been doing the EI method for ferts for only 4 days now and although I haven’t checked my big boy tank (325ltr) we have noticed a few dead shrimp in my partners 90ltr. I’m only dosing a little over 10ml for her tank and I did see that the micro dry salts I made my 500ml...
  3. Daniel Andres

    Aquarium plant food recipe vs nutrient calculator

    Good morning, I have just set up a new scape and am considering using EI to reduce my running costs (currently dosing Tropica specialised). I thought I would compare the suggested recipe that came with my aquarium plant foods dry salts with the suggested amounts from the dosing calculator on...
  4. Mihai Varban

    How to mix EI salt solution for low tech/What doesn't mix well with other chemicals?

    Greetings kind ladies and gentlemen of UKAPS. I return to you today after reading ceg4048's article on EI and all of the info available on the aquariumplantfood website. I have several low tech tanks as follows: 3 fluval spec Vs 2 dennerle 55l cubes 1 ciano 80L all heavily planted and lit low...
  5. Mark Nicholls

    Imitating Nature.

    Here's my take on running a successful low maintenance low tech low budget tank. I have adopted these rules over many years of aquatic experience and have learnt by my mistakes Pick a theme. My particular themed tank simulates a medium flow river bed. Do your research. Learn the water...
  6. Mark Nicholls

    Greetings one and all.

    Hi everyone, just a quick message to introduce myself and our tanks. The top tank is my personal tank which is stocked with Crypts, Swords, Java fern and aponogetons. Its got a sand/gravel/pebble substrate and is fertilised using homemade ei salts and clayball substrate ferts. The filter is a...
  7. Jonatk

    There's Something Missing. Any Ideas?

    Can I have a little planting knowledge/Ideas please. I am wanting to fill the gap at the rear left of my 275 litre tank. I just planted some Pogostemom Erectus and some Hygrophila Siamensis a few weeks back. My current thinking is that they aren't going to grow big enough to fill this part of...
  8. Hanuman

    PPM levels

    Hello, I have been wondering for some time if there is a level of ppm that shouldn't be reached or that is too high. I have been seeing for the last couple of months levels of up to 280ppm in my main tank and I am wondering if that is ok. I dose EI so obviously that's the reason. Thank you.
  9. oscarlloydjohn

    Favourite trace fert

    I'm interested to know your chosen trace fertiliser. I'm considering switching as I don't like the one I am currently using (APFuk trace mix). I'd assume most of you are dosing EI levels? Tropica, ProFito, Flourish? Chelated trace powders? Oscar
  10. Filip Krupa

    2000L tank EI Dosing with drip water change

    Hello Fine Underwater Gardeners, I am an ambitious noob starting a 2000L high tech planted tank. Here is my issue, (well one of them!) I am reading up on EI dosing, and planning to implement it, however I would like to avoid having to do a 50% weekly water change in one go! (1000L PITA) Would...
  11. AlexVojProc

    Hoagland solution as an alternative to EI dosing

    What is the Hoagland solution? The Hoagland solution is a nutrient solution developed in the 1930s-1950s. It was originally developed by Hoagland and Arnon for use in hydroponics, as detailed in their 1950 paper "The water-culture method for growing plants without soil". Since hydroponics is the...
  12. Sarah Evans

    Problem-solving my newish planted tank

    Hello, just introducing myself and my tank - it was set up in September 2017. There is no CO2, just 30% EI ferts and excel. I have been using an LED for 6hours a day, but swapped to an Aquasky so I can dim LEDs because I’m battling with, what I presume is, low CO2 or too much light because I...
  13. ManDrawer

    EI dosing - PO4 salt don't show any trace of PO4

    TLDR version After a year of struggling with Plant Deficiencies while using IE starter kit , I tested my Macros with 5 tsp of Potassium Phosphate PO4 and found out there are no traces of PO4 in it.. Tested with JBL PO4 sensitive test kit, it works fine when I add Easy-Life Fosfo and it gives...
  14. Paks

    EI Mixture Help

    So I finally got a source of nitrate from Calcium Nitrate from a product of YaraLiva Tropicote: Calcium(CaO) 26.03% Nitrogen 15.5% (14.4% nitrate & 1.1 ammonium) Potassium Sulfate and Magnesium Sulfate. So i need someone to make me a mixture for my 2gal tank and i want the solution in 500ml...
  15. Zak Rafik

    Preparing stock solution for EI dosing. Which is right?

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of preparing some stock solution as part of my EI dosing. Can someone clarify which is the right method in making the stock solution. Please note the below mentioned quantity is just for example sake. Scenario: According to an on-line fertz calculator, I was...
  16. LukeDaly

    High tech tank with sand substrate

    Hey guys, Starting a new build and this time I want to try out the dry start method with a reptile fogger mostly for mosses on my wood, although I do want to try out some other plants using the same method! I will be using compressed CO2 on a timer once flooded and EI dosing so my main...
  17. aaron.c

    The Dreaded Holiday :)

    Hey All I know there has been a lot of these posts in the past and I have read lots of them. I wanted to run my plan past you as a sense check more than anything really. We are going away for 8 days in a few weeks, and then for 15 days in August. My tank is pretty well planted at the moment...
  18. Jaap

    Water Changes and EI dosing

    Hi, for both practical and educational purposes how does dosing EI and water changes go when: 1. Water changes are made daily? 2. Water changes are made twice a week? Also, when doing a water change is it better to change as much of the water possible rather than 50? I mean doesn't 90% water...
  19. Zak Rafik

    Can I mix EasyLife's Profito / Ferro & ADA Green Brighty step 1 with EI dosing?

    Hi:) I'm currently doing 3X a week using EI method for my 285 litres planted tank with 50% PWC per week. Before I got to know EI dosing, I had bought EasyLife's Profito ( 500ml) - http://www.easylifeint.com/freshwater/profito Ferro (250ml) -...
  20. ivydree

    Yet another noob looking for help

    Hey people! This is it! I'm starting EI dosing in my newly installed tank! So, tank is a Juwel Rio 125 - with external filtration (say 120L net) Chemicals are on their way, i ordered: KNO3, KH2PO4, MgSO4 and trace mix Trace mix is as follows: Fe 8.2% ; Mn 1.82% ; Zn 1.16% ; B 1.05% ; Cu...
  21. ale36

    Help With Ei Dosing regime!

    hello i would like to get some help on how much Ei ferts to add to my tanks, i have bought the started kit from aquarium plant food my tanks are a 54L juwel tank with a 15w T8 tube & a 32L with a 11w arcpod light, I have mixed the salts according to this recipe: Macro Solution: Mix, Shake &...
  22. Samjpikey

    The Grassy knol

    Hey . This is going to be my first proper attempt at an 'aqua scape '. My previous set ups mainly consisted of low light plants which looked like a mess so want something with a little bit more work. I am planning to plant a DSM 2 weeks today but there's a few things I need to query etc. The...