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  1. neofy705

    Shrimps in high tech: how to do water changes and dose fertlisers

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to high tech tanks and shrimp keeping. I'm basically scared to do large water changes and to use a high dosage of fertilisers. How do you keep shrimps in a high tech tank? For water changes: EI method suggests 50% weekly Shrimp keepers suggest 10% weekly eco I...
  2. Daniel Andres

    Aquarium plant food recipe vs nutrient calculator

    Good morning, I have just set up a new scape and am considering using EI to reduce my running costs (currently dosing Tropica specialised). I thought I would compare the suggested recipe that came with my aquarium plant foods dry salts with the suggested amounts from the dosing calculator on...
  3. Aqua Hero

    3 year old ferts still useable?

    So I decided to come back after about 3 years, I looked through my old equipment and saw that I still have my old Marco and micro mix in a bottle. Can I still use them after three years? If I recall I pre mixed it with ei ferts and used pure ro water
  4. Alejandro

    Dry salts for micro mix

    Hola: I am implementing the EI method to fertilize. I make the mixture of salts for macros. The fertilizers that are recommended for micro (CSM + B for example) are very expensive in my country, because these are imported. Is there any reference to make a micro fertilizer with dry salts? Saludos
  5. AlexVojProc

    Hoagland solution as an alternative to EI dosing

    What is the Hoagland solution? The Hoagland solution is a nutrient solution developed in the 1930s-1950s. It was originally developed by Hoagland and Arnon for use in hydroponics, as detailed in their 1950 paper "The water-culture method for growing plants without soil". Since hydroponics is the...
  6. E

    Help! plant deficiency or toxicity ? ( new pics)

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside and lighter in the middle , as the...
  7. E

    help needed mont carlo deficiency?

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside or darker and lighter in the middle ...
  8. Christos Ioannou

    EI calculator for android

    Hi, so as the title says, here's an EI calculator for Android phones. You can get it by scanning here or by searching for EI calculator in Google Play I have added calculations for macro salts only, as most micro powders come at proprietary mixings. If you think some more salts should be...
  9. aaron.c

    Struggling a bit - can't work out why

    Howdy All I have a Rio 125 High Tech and I am really struggling. I think I have got everything right, but the plants tell me otherwise. I am after some ideas of where I might be going wrong and what I should try next. Please forgive the long post, but want to make sure I get everything in...
  10. Zak Rafik

    Preparing stock solution for EI dosing. Which is right?

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of preparing some stock solution as part of my EI dosing. Can someone clarify which is the right method in making the stock solution. Please note the below mentioned quantity is just for example sake. Scenario: According to an on-line fertz calculator, I was...
  11. Christos Ioannou

    EI dosing via pump in long tank

    Hi ukaps, I am using a pump to dose micro/macro solution on alternative days. My tank is 4ft long, dosing tubes are at one end of tank. Just below surface I have some christmass moss tied on driftwood. On dosing time, this moss receives a blast of ferts. Now it seems that the moss is...
  12. jagillham

    GUIDE: Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With Jebao / Jecod DP Series

    Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With Jebao / Jecod DP Series (DP-3) The DP series of peristaltic pumps by Jebao / Jecod offer a cheap and reliable way of automatically dosing pre mixed Estimative Index (EI) fertilisers to your tank. There are various offerings in the series, the number at the...
  13. Matt Horne

    Auto E.I Dosing

    Hi all, I brought a Jecod/Jebao DP-3 dosing pump today, but I can't seem to dose the Macro and Micro on different days. I can only select 'Times per day', 'Interval days', 'Dosing time' and 'Volume'. So I cant select separate days if that makes sense. Is there anyway around this? Could I dose...
  14. N

    Interested to hear people's views on how providing unlimited nutrients helps control algae?

    The question: How does EI, or any other method where the aim is to keep all nutrients at levels that are not limiting, help control algae growth? I have used such approaches with good results as have many others. I think most would agree that the basic principle is that all nutrients (including...
  15. Jaap

    Water Changes and EI dosing

    Hi, for both practical and educational purposes how does dosing EI and water changes go when: 1. Water changes are made daily? 2. Water changes are made twice a week? Also, when doing a water change is it better to change as much of the water possible rather than 50? I mean doesn't 90% water...
  16. Pedro Viveiros

    Estimative Index and Light

    Hello everyone, This is my first tank, as described below. Recently I had some Stag Horn algae, and diatoms, I tested the NO3, that was 0 ppm, and made some “emergency” fertilization, noticing improvement in plants... After that, I decided to initiate the EI method, but I’m confused about the EI...
  17. Zak Rafik

    Is this due to lack of C02 or Potassium or Lighting?

    Hi I would like to find out what is causing the leaves to drop off at the lower end of my Limnophila aromatica 'hippuroides' plant. I have taken some photos yesterday. I had shown this photos to a few guys and they say it due to either lack of light or potassium. I had posted in the forum a few...
  18. Arne

    Sacrilege, I know :O

    But I'm going to ask it anyway :D I have an ADA 60P with the Aquasky 601 LED lights above it. This is one hell (or sun) of a lighting system, and I am reluctant to add a dimmer to it, because I can't find any info on how to safely do this. The high levels of light, combined with my EI fert...
  19. Zak Rafik

    EI dosing with Easy Life's Voogle and Fluid Filter Medium.

    Hi guys, I'm using the above mentioned products from Easy Life for my planted tank. Personally I find them useful but opinions might differ with members here. Anyway, just a bit of info for the members who are dosing Easy Life's Voogle and Fluid Filter Media along with EI fertilizers. I...
  20. Zak Rafik

    How much Calcium Nitrate to substitute for Potassium Nitrate for a planted high-light tank?

    Hi everyone, I’m going to start EI fertilization for my 40 days old planted tank (255 litres / 67 US gallons) very soon. It’s a highlight with injected Co2 setup. Currently I’m dosing with ADA’s Brighty K and Brighty Step 1. But after I read about the immense benefits of EI dosing, I got...
  21. Lauris

    Nano escape

    Decided to "move things around'. done and dusted with this one: http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/crystal-meadow-f-spec19l-nanao.32439/ so.. Fuval Spec 19L tank. I guess I managed to fit as much as possible in it. lol So tech pecs are pretty much same: Light Hi-Lumen LED 1000 Lumen...
  22. Cherry

    New Shrimp tank set up

    Help needed please - wasn't sure where to put this - so here goes !:bored:! I am setting up a shrimp tank (31 litres) - have put in this Fluval Shrimp stratum so - first question- how do you stop plants "floating" out of it - find it really difficult to plant in - if use tweezers just seem to...
  23. Jaap

    Low Tech EI dosing, Excel & Lights

    Hello, I have a 20L tank with crypts and anubias and 4 rummy noses. It was neglected and now that I moved it in the kitchen it will receive more attention. It has an internal filter and an 11w CFL and clay based gravel. Now I have decided to dose with EI and Excel. 1. What will be my...
  24. weasel

    EI dosing a daily waterchange

    At the minute im dosing a 140ltr tank as recomended with a slight diffference of a daily waterchange.. 11ltr is changed per night an hour after the lights go out,ive also got a constant trickle of 4ltr per day,so you could say im changing 15ltr... lighting is 75watt of t5 and medium bioload.8...
  25. TarkMalbot

    Marine Magic 1 + 1 Dosing Pump

    I quite fancy this for when I am offshore for 2 weeks or when I go away on holidays. Takes out the worry of leaving my wife to dose or whoever is looking after the house whilst I am away. Marine Magic 1+1 doser - Set Also found on eBay: Marine Magic Aquarium dosing pump (1+1 doser) -...
  26. jimwalsh

    bubble magus dosing pump

    Bubble-Magus Dosing Pumps It seems to be designed for reef setups but has anyone tried one of these for EI + liquid carbon dosing? cheers J