eleocharis parvula

  1. Glenda Steel

    Advice on plant care please

    I would like some help if I may please? I am planning on rescaping our 46L Fluval Edge (the tall one) and absolutely love this aquascape by Oliver Knott. I would still consider myself a beginner as I set our first aquarium up 4 years ago and it has been a very steep learning curve. I would...
  2. Rob Dahl

    Warts and more warts, but progressing:

    This is the tank that got me started (10/26/14) once again after years of other pursuits. I made many beginners mistakes, like adding water before I planted, even then not being bright enough to lower the water level when I had such a tough time with my shaky hands trying to place crypts...
  3. Jaap

    Natural Aquarium attempt - 16/06/2015 (pics)

    Hello, Day 1! After many efforts of finding plants in this country, I have finally gotten my hands on some and here is the aquascape that I managed. Tank Size: 40L Substrate: JBL Manado Fertilization: EI Light (still coming): TMC GroBeam 600 with controller Plants: Eleocharis Parvula, Java...
  4. pintainho21

    My Small PON - 60liters

    Hi guys, i´ve been reading ukaps for a time but never posted nothing before. I'm Portuguese and for my surprise i found many here (Olá a todos) Since i´ve "finished" (really?) a recent setup i´d thought to post it here hopping to get some feedback. So here it is My Small Piece of Nature setup...