estimative index

  1. Geraint Anderson

    Why add fertilisers and additional plants to combat algae?

    Hi, I've had my tank set up almost a month and am looking to start adding fertilisers which I'm probably going to use the Estimative Index. But there seems to be conflicting information about the nutrients in the tank, so I think I'm missing something. On the one hand, all the information...
  2. DutchMuch

    TryHard Dutch Aquascape (Ukaps Edition!)

    Hey there guys welcome to my journal, I figured i'd make one on here since I have one on just about every other forum. I am currently in the progress of creating a Dutch Aquascape, this of course is a work in progress as I am currently working on dialing down fertilization methods that are on...
  3. Matt Horne

    Auto E.I Dosing

    Hi all, I brought a Jecod/Jebao DP-3 dosing pump today, but I can't seem to dose the Macro and Micro on different days. I can only select 'Times per day', 'Interval days', 'Dosing time' and 'Volume'. So I cant select separate days if that makes sense. Is there anyway around this? Could I dose...
  4. Paulo Soares

    Water Change Methods (Considerations For Debate)

    For Planted Aquariums With Estimative Index Good day, First let me tell you that since I embrace this hobby and as time goes by I always question my self some theorys and methods that are taken as functional and it seem also cientically proven without question. Well.. since I remember myself...
  5. Pedro Viveiros

    Estimative Index and Light

    Hello everyone, This is my first tank, as described below. Recently I had some Stag Horn algae, and diatoms, I tested the NO3, that was 0 ppm, and made some “emergency” fertilization, noticing improvement in plants... After that, I decided to initiate the EI method, but I’m confused about the EI...
  6. mede

    Initial values PO4/NO3/Fe start up using EI-method?

    Hi everyone! I've setup my scape last weekend and planted it with the plants from my previous tank (submerse), mainly HC, Staurogyne sp., Limnophilia and some mosses. I'm using the EI-method for fertilization and I was wondering if the best way is to just start with day one of adding...