1. Jake Richardson

    2nd Norwich aquascaping meetup - 1st March 2020

    Hello Everyone, I'm happy to announce that the show goes on! The next meet up will Sunday 1st March, 5 pm at Scaped Nature, 60 St Giles Street, Norwich, NR2 1LW. In the future, we hope to run these evenings on the last Sunday of every month. This month however we have made an exception...
  2. John44

    New Planted Tank - Order of Events

    New Planted Tank - Order of Events So I nearly have all the kit for my Juwel Trigon 190 Aquarium 190 Litres which will have external filtration (Eheim 2178 Professional 3e 600T Thermofilter) and CO2. Substrate of TMC AquaGro Nutrasoil Brown So after browsing the forum I just want to check that...
  3. viktorlantos

    Scaper's Day - Hungary

    Cheers guys, i am sorry i was a bit inactive in the past months. Things are busy around me and i do have less time to be everywhere. But i thought i share one of the thing we organized in the past months. We do love contests and we love community events. Last year the Thai scaping event...