filter media

  1. FJK_12

    Reusing filter media + plants from snail infested tank

    I had to leave my tank in the hands of someone else during lockdown and upon my return have noticed a big snail population. Can anyone I.D these snails? I'm looking to restart this aquarium and would like to reuse the filter media to kick start the cycling process, does anyone know if reusing...
  2. mooncake

    What media are you using in your Eheim classics?

    Hi all, I'm currently having a bit of a pickle with my Eheim filters. I have a 2213 running on an ADA 45H and there is such little flow. The filter seems to be working OK from what I can tell. At the moment it's packed (bottom to top) with ceramic rings, a coarse sponge, a good 3-4 inches of...
  3. Zak Rafik

    How do you clean Filter media / canister filters after a BBA attack? :-/

    Hi guys :) OK, I was out this awesome hobby for some time (the reason is in one of my most read post:dead:). The main reason I shut down the tank was due to a heavy attack of BBA and BGA. Anyway, I shutdown my 4 feet tank about ten months back but now I'm all energized to restart my...
  4. Joel Smith

    Aquascape Filter Help

    Hey all, I'm currently gearing up to redo my initial aquascape into a creation that shows the lessons i've learned and the experience i've gained. I have a 340L: 123x47x65CM tank. I have two API Rena Filstar XP3 hooked up, each one doing 1324LPH. They come equipped with a jet flow outlet...
  5. Chris Stokes

    Filter Media for Hi Tech Shrimp-only Nano

    I'm currently in the planning phase of a shrimp-only high tech nano. I'm either going to be using a Fluval G3 or an Eheim Ecco Pro 200. Is there any filter media that is strongly advised? And similarly, is there any to avoid? I'm still undecided about what to stick in it, but currently its...
  6. Vivian Andrew

    Pumice stone for Filter media

    HI, seachem matrix and ADA sells pumice as filter media, so i wonder whether we can use the pumice stone which they sell to clean feet by breaking into pieces and can be added into filter?